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Urban Regeneration, sustainable urban design and planning, liveable and healthy public spaces, post-seismic reconstruction, waterfront regeneration and design

Marichela Sepe is Associate Professor at the DICEA Sapienza Università di Roma. She has also joined the ISMed-CNR and the DiARC-University Federico II. In 2013 she has been visiting Professor in the Peking University and held lectures in the Peking, Wuhan and Xi'an Universities. Her research interests include: urban design and planning; place identity; healthy city; livable public spaces; creative urban regeneration; multimedia. On these topics, she has published several national and international journal articles, conference papers, books and book chapters.

In national and international contexts she is responsible for and member of the scientific committee of conferences, referee and member of the Editorial board of the main scientific journals of urban design and urban planning. She has acted as coordinator and scientific officer in national and international research projects including: FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IRSES MC-IRSES - PUMAH; European Culture Programme 2007-2013 Preserving Places; Por-Creo /FESR 2007-2013 TECON@BC; POR FESR Lazio 2007/2013 Div@ter; SISMI" project-DTC district of the Lazio Region. She also acted as a member of the ASG of the HORIZON 2020 Urban Maestro project and Co-Responsible of WP3 on urban regeneration of the LANDSUPPORT HORIZON 2020 Project. Currently she is Responsible of the Urban Impact Unit of the “SUMMA” PRIN 2020, coordinator of the GUDesign network and member of the COST Dynamics of placemaking, and Writing Urban Places. She is responsible of the Scientific Laboratory "Geodesign and Urbandesign" of LUPT University Federico II.

Sepe is Vice President of INU Campania section and member of the national INU Governing Board, member of the Eura Governing Board and member of Urban Design Group. In 2014-2018 she won: the Ardito-Desio Award for the paper presented at Ipsapa 2014, 2016 and 2018 Conference; the Urban Planning Literature Award of the Italian National Urban Planning Institute (INU) in 2014, 2015 and 2017. She has participated to several Architecture and Urban Design competitions, in which she took two first places and one selection.

Pubblicazioni Selezionate

SEPE M. (2023) Designing Healthy and Liveable Cities. Creating Sustainable Urban Regeneration, Routledge, London-NewYork

SEPE M. (2021) Covid-19 pandemic and public spaces: improving quality and flexibility for healthier places, Urban Design International 26, pp 159–173,

SEPE M. (2020) Regenerating Places Sustainably: the Healthy Urban Design, International Journal of sustainable development and planning, 15 (1), pp. 14-27,

SEPE M. (2020) Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Post-Seismic Reconstructions: a Method and a Case Study, BDC, 20 (1), pp.167-180,

SEPE M., (2013)  Planning and Place in the City: Mapping Place identity, Routledge, London-New York

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