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Founder and Director of Research & Innovation in SISTeMA, PTV Group and Sapienza Spin-Off
DICEA - via Eudossiana, 18 - 00184 Roma
Edificio A - Piano 3° - Area Trasporti
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Assegnazione dinamica e ITS, Assegnazione statica e scelta del percorso, Simulazione dei sistemi di trasporto collettivo, Modelli di domanda passeggeri e merci, Progetto di rete

Guido Gentile is Professor of Transportation Engineering at DICEA - Sapienza University of Rome, where he teaches Transport Modeling and Planning. He is also director of Research & Innovation in SISTeMA srl; the company, co-founded in 2009 as university spin-off, is now part of the PTV Group, has more than 50 employees and is leader in software development for Intelligent Transport Systems.

He was born in 1971 in Rome, where he graduated cum laude as Civil Engineer in 1996. He obtained a Master in Corporate Finance at LUISS in 1996 and a PhD in Transport Engineering at Sapienza in 2000. He is enrolled in the Professional Engineering Association of Rome since 1996. He has the Italian National Scientific Habilitation (ASN) as Full Professor in Transportation Engineering (2012) and in Operation Research (2016).

His main fields of scientific and professional interest are: static and dynamic traffic assignment to road networks, simulation and management of public transport systems, travel demand and route choice models, city-logistics and network design, infomobility and intelligent transport systems, smart cities and mobility management, data analytics and machine learning in transportation.

He is author of over 150 scientific publications mainly appeared in international journals, of over 200 presentations and keynote speeches in conferences, of several software and of well-known algorithms for the simulation of transport networks. Among these LUCE and TRE, that are also included into the platform VISUM, Optima and HyperPath that are the backbone of the many Traffic Control Rooms built by PTV and SISTeMA all over the world, and the suite Mobility Manager.

Since 2021 he is the Coordinator of the PhD program in Transport and Infrastructures at Sapienza with more than 30 students.

Since 2011 he is Editor of the EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics, published by Springer. Since 2012 he is Associated Editor of Transportmetrica B: Transport Dynamics, published by Taylor & Francis. From 2012 to 2015 he has been Chair of the Cost Action: Modelling public transport passengers in the era of ITS, were more than 100 researchers from all continents have been involved. Since 2016 he is President of the PTV Scientific Advisory Board.

His objective is to create methodological and technological innovation in the field of mobility for the environmental, economic and social sustainability of transportation.

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